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Jepp paper manuals made changes more conspicuous when your home field got a new instrument procedure. Automatic digital updates can surprise you –  which is never good for a pilot🤣. Create a free account on the FAA “IFP Gateway” (quick and easy) and you will receive alerts about proposed and activated changes in procedures for all the airfields you activate. (Helpful Video) There are many other digital goodies here also.

Just navigate to the FAA “IFP Gateway” and set up a free personal account. Then select the airports where you would like notifications. Your filters determine the updates you will receive for upcoming changes or just send new procedures by e-mail. This site is also a great place to get clean current pdfs of every procedure. On the sidebar, you can also access “Minimum Vectoring Altitude” charts (previously hidden in the Tracon).

When you are roaming around the FAA website, also check out the FlySAFE Fact Sheet archive. These Fact Sheets are very concise pdfs covering various safety topics that are great to share with your students or flight organizations.

Enjoy the new courses available to members on the new safe website. And please download and use the (free) SAFE Toolkit App. This contains all the references a working CFI needs plus provides continuously new safety content.

SAFE developed an insurance program just for CFIs! When you are an independent CFI, you are a business (and have legal exposure). This program is the most reasonable but also comprehensive insurance plan you can have (and every agent is a pilot!)

Author: David St. George

SAFE Director, Master CFI (12X), FAA DPE, ATP (ME/SE) Currently jet charter captain.

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