Visit SAFE @ Sun ‘N Fun C 53-55

It’s beautiful here in Florida as we count down the days to Sun ‘N Fun 2019 (2K overcast and 1 celcius back home…). The SAFE show booth this year (C building 53-55) will be a triple with the full Gold Seal Studio *and* a Redbird Horizon TD (3 Screens) for CFIs to practice teaching scenarios for the Pilot Proficiency Center. Thanks to collaborators Redbird Flight Simulations and Community Aviation for making this happen. Please stop by and try this fully provisioned simulator (Cloud Ahoy, ForeFlight all operational in a virtual flightscape). Jon Harden who writes the SAFE CFI Insurance Program will be at the booth every day from 1-2PM also.

The big news for SAFE is the release of the CFI PROficiency™ program. This amplifies and expands the core mission of SAFE; elevating the excellence of aviation educators. The release to the press will be at 11am on Wednesday and we will send the SAFE eNews shortly after with full details. If a connection allows we will livestream this event on SAFE FaceBook and YouTube to our channels. Very exciting. If you haven’t read previous issues of this blog click here for a couple of blog summaries. (The specific core websites are not active until our Wednesday release though)

Show specials include a FREE FIRC from Sporty’s for all instructors joining SAFE at the show. All SAFE members get the 1/3 off ForeFlight and CloudAhoy (along with a whole list of promotions and free subscriptions). Gleim publications has been a longtime SAFE sponsor and is again providing a free FAR/AIM to joining members. One of the huge opportunities to SAFE CFIs is FREE membership in Gold Seal Groundschools This not only gives you access to all the training materials, you get to create your own CFI website (with a dedicated url) and can track all your students in training (in detail; progress, quiz scores and wrong answers on quizzes!) Gold Seal was the first online groundschool.Stop by and see SAFE at the show! Fly safely (and often)

Apple or Android versions.

Join SAFE to support our safety mission of generating aviation excellence in teaching and flying. Our amazing member benefits pay back your contribution (1/3 off your ForeFlight subscription)! Our FREE SAFE Toolkit App puts required pilot endorsements and experience requirements right on your smartphone and facilitate CFI+DPE teamwork. Our CFI insurance was developed specifically for CFI professionals (and is the best value in the business).


Author: David St. George

SAFE Director, Master CFI (12X), FAA DPE, ATP (ME/SE) Currently jet charter captain.

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  1. Does one have to physically be at SnF to join SAFE and get the bonus items, such as a free FIRC from Gleim?

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