CFIs Are Not All Equal: CFI-PRO®!

Previously published in the FAA Pilot Examiner Quarterly (shared by permission) Here is a unfortunate story of a “Rusty CFI” (not current teaching though probably very current in his biz jet). DPEs see cases like this too often- where the well-meaning CFI was not up to speed. New CFIs need mentoring, non-current CFIs need refreshing … Continue reading “CFIs Are Not All Equal: CFI-PRO®!”

SAFE CFI-PRO™ Released @ SnF!

Our SAFE CFI-PRO™ initiative was well received by the press and industry on April 3rd at Sun ‘N Fun and we had an  amazing show here in Florida. See all the industry visitors to our booth on our SAFE Facebook. There are many livestream videos from our booth with manufacturers like Piper, Cirrus, Lightspeed, Bose, … Continue reading “SAFE CFI-PRO™ Released @ SnF!”

SAFE CFI-PRO™; Good to Great!

At the heart of flight safety is the aviation educator. Our cadre of professional instructors interact and wrestle with flight training and proficiency on a daily basis – we are on the front lines of safety. By elevating the level of skill and professionalism of the aviation educator, we exponentially improve every pilot and reduce … Continue reading “SAFE CFI-PRO™; Good to Great!”

SAFE CFI-PRO™: Scenarios, Maneuvers, or Both?

This is one in a series of posts by special guest authors about SAFE’s new CFI-PROficiency Initiative™ (aka SAFE CFI-PRO™). The goal of the initiative is to make good aviation educators great! Rich Stowell authored many articles in the early 2000s on “The Problem with Flight Instruction” that helped precipitate the SAFE Pilot Training Reform … Continue reading “SAFE CFI-PRO™: Scenarios, Maneuvers, or Both?”

CFI Pro; Teaching PIC With “Incremental Mastery”

I recently participated in a webinar with Russ Still and Nate Tennant from Gold Seal Ground Schools focusing on preparation for check rides, specifically the easier “low hanging fruit.” In the overwhelming push to prepare for a test, applicants often miss the simplest things. This webinar was great fun plus an opportunity to share valuable … Continue reading “CFI Pro; Teaching PIC With “Incremental Mastery””

CFI Pro: Rod Machado’s Five Tips for CFIs

Rod Machado is a veteran flight instructor (40+ years) and a continuous positive force in aviation supporting both flight safety and also promoting fun flying. His humor and warmth help make even the most difficult aviation topics fun and exciting. His products have helped thousands achieve their goals in aviation. His 1997 article advocating for … Continue reading “CFI Pro: Rod Machado’s Five Tips for CFIs”

“CFI Pro!” The Critical Element in Pilot Training!

Our last blog post was a contribution from Rod Machado profiling “Bad Flight Instructors.” Though the majority of CFIs are hard-working, mostly underpaid, and diligent, there are some amazing abuses in our industry. The article before that examined our 80% drop out rate in aviation education. Both of these posts inspired a firestorm of comment … Continue reading ““CFI Pro!” The Critical Element in Pilot Training!”

Surprising Airplane Control Facts!

Presenting seminars at public events like Sun ‘N Fun is a fascinating opportunity to both meet people and also sample the aerodynamic understanding of our pilot (and CFI) population. Having been a DPE for many years, I often ask a lot of questions while presenting to get a sense of the understanding level of my … Continue reading “Surprising Airplane Control Facts!”