“Showtime” for SAFE CFI-PRO™

Experienced aviation educators know that many of the techniques taught to initial CFI applicants to pass the FAA practical test are actually harmful to real education. Every effective flight school has historically had techniques to “break in and transform” new academy-trained CFIs so they are “effective educators.” In my 25 years running a 141 flight … Continue reading ““Showtime” for SAFE CFI-PRO™”

Injecting “Wisdom and Experience:” SAFE CFI-PRO™

In the current aviation training environment, “a new pilot becomes a new CFI in a matter of months. This CFI then immediately teaches the next new pilot, which may result in a spiral of decreasing skill and knowledge.” This distortion and lack of new experience with each exchange resemble the old game of “telephone” with … Continue reading “Injecting “Wisdom and Experience:” SAFE CFI-PRO™”

How to Become a CFI-PRO™

Truly excellent CFIs are unfortunately quite rare. On the one hand our aviation training world has an abundance of totally green “hour builders” still learning their craft with their eyes set on an airline career (2/3s of all active CFIs have taught less than one year). These people are amazingly enthusiastic and usually have excellent … Continue reading “How to Become a CFI-PRO™”

Extraordinary Educators (on YouTube)

Michael Maya Charles is a former Flying Magazine columnist and editor, who is still teaching, flying, and publishing on a variety of aviation subjects. His primary passion, however,  is spreading the pursuit of excellence and mindfulness with “Artful Flying,” a book Michael wrote 20 years ago. This captivating book explores mindful aviation and reveals the … Continue reading “Extraordinary Educators (on YouTube)”

Free FAA Chart Update Alerts!

Jepp paper manuals made changes more conspicuous when your home field got a new instrument procedure. Automatic digital updates can surprise you –  which is never good for a pilot🤣. Create a free account on the FAA “IFP Gateway” (quick and easy) and you will receive alerts about proposed and activated changes in procedures for … Continue reading “Free FAA Chart Update Alerts!”

Commercial Flight Maneuvers for Everyone!

Commercial-level pilot maneuvers provide a wonderful fresh challenge for every pilot seeking to improve. These are fun and teach correct rudder usage when flown properly. Many pilots at the private level do not understand or apply correct rudder inputs. “Rudder deficit” is a primary reason for LOC-I. Search out a qualified instructor and take your … Continue reading “Commercial Flight Maneuvers for Everyone!”

“Soft Skills” for Safety; Honesty/Flexibility!

We often talk about safety only in terms of pilot operator skills and capability; very objectifiable attributes. But regardless of how proficient and talented a pilot might be, we all have limitations. Challenges that exceed the skill/knowledge capability of a pilot lead to accidents or death. This “safety equation” of skill vs challenge is unforgiving. … Continue reading ““Soft Skills” for Safety; Honesty/Flexibility!”

Flight Test “Pilot Acronyms;” Good or Bad?

Flight test acronyms can be good reminders but must be backed up with a deeper understanding and context to be useful. Simple rote recitation (and forgetting what the acronym letters stand for) will drive your DPE nuts and reveal applicant ignorance rather than understanding.  With our accelerated training environment, the “oral” test portion is increasingly … Continue reading “Flight Test “Pilot Acronyms;” Good or Bad?”

Spread Your Wings!

As pilots, we have an amazing diversity of “flying machines” available to us.  Unfortunately, most of us never take the time and money necessary to explore these unique experiences. In other articles here I have advocated for “envelope expansion” in your regualr piston flying. This builds unique skills but also enhances safety in all your … Continue reading “Spread Your Wings!”

“Negative” Stall Training (Bad Habits!)

In a stalled condition, the nose of every conventional aircraft falls toward mother earth. This is physics and happens every time. And the natural human reaction is to pull back away from the ground making the control situation worse.  Only high-quality flight training, both initial and recurrent, can overcome this deep human reaction of “panic … Continue reading ““Negative” Stall Training (Bad Habits!)”