FAA Basic Med has Finally Arrived!

The FAA has published the BasicMed rules, however, the regulations do not go into effect until May 1, 2017. (This is to allow time for a comment period on the information collections, as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995) After that point, if you meet the BasicMed requirements, you can operate without an FAA medical certificate.

faabasicmedwebBasic Pilot Requirements:

  • Possess a U.S. driver’s license
  • Have held a medical that was valid at any time after July 15, 2006.
  • Have completed a medical education course described in FESSA within the past 24 calendar months
  • Have received a comprehensive medical examination from a State-licensed physician within the previous 48 months.
  • Is under the care and treatment of a physician for certain conditions
  • Make certain health attestations and agree to a National Driver Register check

Basic Aircraft Requirements:

Any aircraft authorized under federal law to carry not more than 6 occupants

Has a maximum certificated takeoff weight of not more than 6,000 pounds

Basic Operating Requirements:

Carries not more than five passengers

Operates under VFR or IFR, within the United States, at less than 18,000 feet MSL, not exceeding 250 knots.

Flight not operated for compensation or hire

CFIs can instruct with BasicMed! (within A/C limits)


Click here for pdf of rule   Click here for FAA Basic Med FAQ  A/C

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Author: David St. George

SAFE Director, Master CFI (12X), FAA DPE, ATP (ME/SE) Currently jet charter captain.

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