New (Free) Course: “IFR Preflight Self-Briefing”

This comprehensive FAA WINGS Course has a ton of valuable resources and is right up to date with the newest technological tools for pilots (highly recommended)!

Prepare to spend some time working through this (4 hour) course, it is a solid presentation from FAA Flight Services. Please share this with pilots and learners.

“This is a very large course (4 hours) that can be broken up into pieces and returned to at will, as long as the user is signed in to the FAA WINGS website. While we recognize that such a large course is not ideal, we also recognize that to make anything less than comprehensive is to be self-defeating and counter-productive.

The course primarily consists of scenario based training designed to put you in plausible scenarios where the correct “Go/No-Go” answer isn’t always immediately clear. This is an excellent tool for CFI’s, CFII’s, IFR Students, or ANY pilot looking for a refresher.”

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Author: David St. George

SAFE Director, Master CFI (12X), FAA DPE, ATP (ME/SE) Currently jet charter captain.

3 thoughts on “New (Free) Course: “IFR Preflight Self-Briefing””

  1. I just started this course and have to agree that it contains good information presented in a logical fashion. BUT MAN IS IT PAINFUL!! I can’t believe that the developers didn’t come up with a more engaging and interesting method to present the information. It’s basically a powerpoint (with lots of text) that is read to thee student – word for word. This is a technique that has been abandoned for YEARS. For good reason. People see words; they read words. Try to watch a show with subtitles and NOT read them – you can’t. So… what happens? You read the text while somebody is reading YOU the text. But, of course, you read at a different speed than the presenter. FRUSTRATION AND CONFUSION. Very disappointing.

    1. Yes, kinda amazing given the other available options. I can only guess it had to meet “government specs” as a product of “FAA Flight Service.” Leidos does a great job at shows presenting very engaging seminars (perhaps they should just record one of those live shows?)

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