Finally: EZ (FAA) WINGS!

Finally: EZ (FAA) WINGS interfaces with FAA Safety.gov and makes awarding WINGS credit a snap!

If you can’t move a bureaucratic mountain, sometimes you can instead create a bridge to it. That is what the new EZ WINGS App does. That creaky FAA Safety website is finally easily accessible with a clever progressive web app created by the Wings Industry Network. I just added this to the SAFE Toolkit App and it should be live by the time you read this today!

When a flight instructor or DPE wants to apply credit for a pilot accomplishment, the process is now super easy. Just use this new progressive application. Progressive apps are hosted on the web and when you go to the website with your phone, just press on the page and “save to home screen” and it will function on your device just like a native app.

Find EZ WINGS on the SAFE Toolkit App or shoot this QR with your phone to get started. Press and hold to install on your device and give it a try. Our “beta bunny” Doug Stewart, with no prior experience, (and a very negative attitude) was able to give five successful award  five candidates FAA WINGS credit in under 10 minutes! (For CFIs, this represents 1/3 of the requirements for 2 year CFI renewal). This application is a game changer. Please spread the word and build up activity in the FAA WINGS system. Lifetime learning and continual proficiency is the heart of aviation safety…fly SAFE out there (and often)!

Visit SAFE at #OSH22. Our booth is in the Bravo Hangar #2092/3. The SAFE dinner was a huge success. We filled the room and Richard McSpadden was a very inspirational speaker🙏.

All readers of this blog are also invited to enter the  SAFE sweepstakes! Prizes include a Lightspeed Zulu 3, Aerox O2 system), Sporty’s PJ2)

Author: David St. George

SAFE Director, Master CFI (12X), FAA DPE, ATP (ME/SE) Currently jet charter captain.

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