New Proficiency365 Scenarios from SAFE

Redbird Simulator wizards Stasi Poulos and Billy Winburn of Mindstar Aviation collaborated with SAFE at our CFI-PRO™ at Fredrick in October. This involved “tuning up” the AOPA Redbird FMX for accurate VFR maneuvering and developing a LOC-I specific scenario designed to build pilot maneuvering skills.  We demonstrated this to CFIs in the audience through a livestream presentation. This is part a continuing SAFE emphasis on building pilot maneuvering skills and part of SAFE’s Extended Envelope Training. This new scenario is now part of EAA Proficiency365 and called the “Low Country Approach.

This new scenario will be available for your preview at our SAFE Meet-Up Monday, Jan 13th at Pilot Proficiency International on the KFRG airport. SWA Captain Dan Weiss will be on hand to demonstrate the Redbird and various scenarios. EAA Proficiency365 is an initiative to make these scenarios available at your local airport for pilot proficiency all year long on a Redbird simulator.

When SAFE originally developed the Pilot Proficiency Project in 2011, the focus was primarily on risk management and decision-making scenarios. SAFE leadership through the GA Pilot Training Reform Symposium led to the addition of scenarios and pilot judgment as central in the FAA ACS. The continuing focus at SAFE is building fundamental piloting skills and preventing Loss of Control Inflight. Our new series of scenarios take the innovative Redbird GIFT (private pilot level training) a step further and challenge pilots to increase their maneuvering proficiency to the edges of their flight envelope.

The new VFR scenarios are designed to build actual pilot handling skills and help pilots become comfortable and competent at the edges of the VFR flight envelope. This training builds confidence to lessen the startle response in emergency situations. These maneuvers are first presented in a simulator as scenarios, then practiced in flight with a SAFE CFI-PRO™ instructor. Our next SAFE CFI-PRO™ is at Sporty’s Pilot Shops in Ohio on June 10/11th.

SAFE CFI-PRO™ workshop  is open to every aviation educator at every level (even if you are working on your CFI?)

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Author: David St. George

SAFE Director, Master CFI (12X), FAA DPE, ATP (ME/SE) Currently jet charter captain.

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