SAFE CFI Toolkit App (FREE!)

The *FREE* CFI Toolkit App provides all required experience and endorsements for the flight training professional (on your phone). Mobile weather and tracking also on board.

A pilot applicant at the private pilot level is almost entirely dependent upon their professional CFI for their correct preparation and success on a checkride. These applicants are still very new to our aviation game and do not know the rules of engagement or what they do *not* know. The professional CFI is their primary guide. Unfortunately, as a pilot examiner, I more than occasionally see applicants who had potential but not enough guidance. As aviation professionals in the flight training business, CFIs and DPEs work as a team; we all want more good pilots. When an applicant fails, we *all* as a team have failed this person. When a failure occurs on a flight test, our process is not working in their education and test preparation. That is why I wrote the SAFE CFI Toolkit. (and yes I was a NAFI Master CFI before joining SAFE as a charter member…)

I personally want every applicant for a checkride to pass and attain their aviation dreams. For years I offered seminars at Oshkosh and Sun ‘N Fun on “How to Prepare and Pass Your Checkride” directed at the applicants (now I recommend for every pilot applicant a video by Russ Sill at Gold Seal with the same excellent advice) It is our duty as DPE “gatekeepers” to make sure each person meets the FAA standard established for a rating or certificate so they fly safely as aviators. Every examiner will tell you the hardest part of our job is delivering the disappointing news to an applicant who is unsuccessful. Let’s work together to prepare pilot applicants more thoroughly and achieve greater initial success on checkrides; these people will also be safer pilots throughout their lives.

When you download this free application onto your phone (available on Apple OS and Android) you have *all* the experience requirements for every certificate and rating *and* all the AC 61.65F endorsements. (I cannot count how many flight tests we could not even begin because the correct endorsements were not present) I also added links to FAA mobile site and great mobile weather sites. There are links to great article from AOPA and this blog too. (Let me know what you want to see here)

SAFEToolkitApppdfshotAgain all this is FREE. With this app installed on your phone you have a complete arsenal of digital tools to do your job more effectively and efficiently. The last tab is a text direct to *my* phone if you see something inaccurate or lacking…I will fix it in a day or two. Please download this app and let’s work as a team to make sure we do the best, most professional job for our aspiring aviators! (and watch for a new SAFE initiative on CFI professional development soon)

Shoot this QR with your smart phone for a working test drive emulator.
Shoot this QR with your smart phone for a working test drive emulator.

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Author: David St. George

SAFE Director, Master CFI (12X), FAA DPE, ATP (ME/SE) Currently jet charter captain.

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