“Growth Mindset;” Continuous Learning!

To be safe as pilots, and stay sharp as CFIs, we must embrace the “growth mindset” of continuous lifetime learning. Good pilots (and CFIs) should never leave the “student mode.” To do so means we have succumbed to complacency or arrogance and become a dangerous “know it all.”  Every pilot can always learn more or … Continue reading ““Growth Mindset;” Continuous Learning!”

Effective Educator = Learning/Growing!

Student progress and learning are primarily determined by the quality of the educator. Though 50% of the variance in educational effectiveness is the “raw material” that students bring to the table, fully 30% of variance is determined by the skills and attitude of the educator. Environment and equipment figure in at less than 10% But … Continue reading “Effective Educator = Learning/Growing!”

Praise Effort – Build a Love of Learning!

Many people grew up in the middle of the “self-esteem movement” of the 1990s. This misguided trend perpetuated the myth of innate talent and instant success. Everyone was “special” and “participation trophies” were awarded for “showing up” rather than any effort, struggle, and achievement. The myth of “instant gratification” and entitlement replaced hard work as … Continue reading “Praise Effort – Build a Love of Learning!”

“CFI Seasoning” Beyond the Academy!

A truly professional aviation educator should be progressively getting out of the training aircraft one step at a time from flight lesson #1. To be successful as educators, every CFI must willingly become superfluous in every area of operation by flight test time – totally empowering their pilot to be fully “in command.” Obviously, there … Continue reading ““CFI Seasoning” Beyond the Academy!”

Building a “Mindset of Professionalism”

It is difficult to define “professionalism” simply and comprehensively. This essential pilot attribute certainly requires personal integrity and commitment; to doing your best job, in the best way, every time (and even when no one is watching). But it’s not limited to a complex airframe or environment as is commonly asserted. You can be a … Continue reading “Building a “Mindset of Professionalism””

The Confidence Trap: Hubris!

We all need a full dose of confidence to fly sophisticated aircraft in challenging conditions. There is, however, a very fine, but critical line, between confidence and hubris. Risk management is all about saying “no” to a plan or situation where hope or overconfidence would keep us moving forward – caught in the “mission mentality.” … Continue reading “The Confidence Trap: Hubris!”

Airlines -vs- GA: Safety Solutions!

Comparing the safety record of “big iron operations” with general aviation is a very common but also inherently unfair contest. The airline “safety sales pitch” goes something like: “airlines have a near-zero accident rate due to some superior skill, secret sauce or magic techniques (buy it here…)” But in fact, the General Aviation piloting job, … Continue reading “Airlines -vs- GA: Safety Solutions!”

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