Educator Professionalism Creates Excellence in Aviation

It takes a Pro to make a Pro… The tenets of professionalism apply to flight instructors regardless of whom we teach or the aircraft type. Instructor professionalism is the foundation for excellence and success. We read about it, and we talk about it. But what exactly is it, and how do we embody that crucial … Continue reading “Educator Professionalism Creates Excellence in Aviation”

Building a “Mindset of Professionalism”

It is difficult to define “professionalism” simply and comprehensively. This essential pilot attribute certainly requires personal integrity and commitment; to doing your best job, in the best way, every time (and even when no one is watching). But it’s not limited to a complex airframe or environment as is commonly asserted. You can be a … Continue reading “Building a “Mindset of Professionalism””

Prevent LOC-I; Please Train Turning Stalls!

We had great attendance for our national LiveStream with Patty Wagstaff and Rich Stowell; thank-you all for watching. You can watch (and share) it [here] Once again, however, I am amazed at the number of pilots (and CFIs) who have limited understanding of the aerodynamics of turns. Pilots on some deep level seem misunderstand and … Continue reading “Prevent LOC-I; Please Train Turning Stalls!”

Savvy CFI: “Baked In” Human Pilot Problems!

We humans contain “baked-in” reactions driven by our land-based biology that are extremely dangerous in flight. Our human “operating system” evolved over thousands of years of terrestrial existence and contains some unique inbred vulnerabilities that serve us poorly once airborne. Flight training is largely a concerted effort to overwrite these very deep visceral reactions with … Continue reading “Savvy CFI: “Baked In” Human Pilot Problems!”

Pilot Training Solutions: NTSB Testimony by Master CFI Rich Stowell

NTSB Forum: “Humans and Hardware” Preventing General Aviation Inflight Loss of Control — Training Solutions Panel October 14, 2015, Washington, DC Remarks by Rich Stowell, Society of Aviation and Flight Educators https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCQF3fvxAfg&feature=youtu.be&t=1m18s The status quo in aviation education is unacceptable. Those of us who provide spin and upset recovery training see the results of our … Continue reading “Pilot Training Solutions: NTSB Testimony by Master CFI Rich Stowell”