Managing Your Mental Resources: Focus on “Important” (Filter out “Urgent!”)

One of the major causes of cockpit chaos, and ultimately accidents, is simply a failure of time and task management. We often create our own problems as pilots by attempting too much – pushing to the point of system failure. The essence of “pilot-in-command“ success is continuously defining and accomplishing only the most important tasks … Continue reading “Managing Your Mental Resources: Focus on “Important” (Filter out “Urgent!”)”

“Habit Stacking” For Aviation Efficiency and Safety

We all like to imagine that we run our lives as bold free agents, consciously determining every action. But if we are aware and honest, we realize that the majority of our daily activities are determined powerful subconscious influences; DNA scripts and culturally instilled habits. Depressing for a “PIC” to admit, but we are more … Continue reading ““Habit Stacking” For Aviation Efficiency and Safety”

Inspiring Excellence and Motivating Mastery!

Hopefully, every aviation educator has had a student who excelled, passionately taking every lesson further, expanding every thought or skill to a level of excellence. These learners seem like genetic anomalies, where we plant the seeds and watch an almost magical transformation. Other learners need to be dragged along, and never seem to fully flourish. … Continue reading “Inspiring Excellence and Motivating Mastery!”

Calibrating Confidence

More than 100 people die every day on the US roads in their automobiles.  An active co-conspirator in this carnage is the fact that 90% of drivers believe they are “better than average.” As a species humans are notoriously overconfident! And the Dunning-Kruger Effect (a well documented psychological phenomenon) shows that the least skilled are … Continue reading “Calibrating Confidence”

NTSB Loss of Control; April 24th

Loss of control in-flight is the #1 causal factor of general aviation fatalities. Though largely a catch-all grouping encompassing many diverse sources, the majority of these accidents implicate insufficient pilot situational awareness and maneuvering skills during critical phases of flight. For this reason, deeper analysis of this phenomenon is of particular interest to flight educators. … Continue reading “NTSB Loss of Control; April 24th”

Build Better Flight Educators; New CFI-ACS!

Please stand back and take a fresh  look at our flight training industry. Why do we have the least experienced aviators (brand new CFIs) in charge of creating our next generation of pilots? Does this enhance safety? Should those “one year olds” really be teaching our new aviators? There is even a push in our … Continue reading “Build Better Flight Educators; New CFI-ACS!”

Addressing the “Loss of Control” Dilemma!

Loss of control in flight (LOC-I) is the “catch-all causal factor” for the NTSB, topping the list of fatal accident causes and the “Most Wanted List” for every year in recent memory. We are excited to have Patty Wagstaff and Rich Stowell for our live ScreenCast on November 16th unpacking this dilemma. NTSB Member Earl Weener … Continue reading “Addressing the “Loss of Control” Dilemma!”

April E-News “Read More” Links

SAFE eNews – April 2017 Read More…(Update on ACS Work Group Recent Meeting) Wilt said FAA members on the Working Group asked for better ways to communicate the impact of various airspace system changes to the training community, and a group discussion resulted in several ideas for the FAA to consider.  For example, participants discussed … Continue reading “April E-News “Read More” Links”

PIREPS Save Lives; Please Report!

The pilot of a Cessna 310 lost his life on a missed approach while shooting an ILS in “VFR conditions.” He was current and fully briefed but the weather worsened enroute and no one reported the downpour at the airfield (or that the tower had been struck by lightning!) There is no way an FSS … Continue reading “PIREPS Save Lives; Please Report!”

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