Fancy Footwork; Yaw Canceling (for Safety)!

We had 45 professional aviation educators at the “You Can Fly Center” for our SAFE CFI-PRO™ workshop this week. These dedicated professionals (half with more than 20 years teaching) really inspired me to present some deeper flight fundamentals. Proper rudder usage – yaw canceling – is often skipped in early flight training but is critical … Continue reading “Fancy Footwork; Yaw Canceling (for Safety)!”

Control Your “Startle Response” (The DIY Lobotomy)

We humans become totally stupid – inducing a “do it yourself lobotomy”-  when we experience threat or panic.  We all have “choked” during a test or performance and perhaps even experienced “startle” in an airplane. We suddenly become a passenger and not a pilot-in-command. Here are some proven techniques to control this natural phenomenon and … Continue reading “Control Your “Startle Response” (The DIY Lobotomy)”

November 2019 e-News “Read More”

Read More… SAFE CFI-PRO™ Handouts at the Frederick SAFE CFI-PRO™ included SAFE’s “Extended Envelope Training,” designed to rebuild basic skills and move pilots out of their comfort zones. Multiple DPEs told CFIs attending depressing tales of unprepared applicants, and each provided CFIs ways to improve student readiness. Presentations, and much of the break chatter, were … Continue reading “November 2019 e-News “Read More””

Commercial Flight Maneuvers for Everyone!

Commercial-level pilot maneuvers provide a wonderful fresh challenge for every pilot seeking to improve. These are fun and teach correct rudder usage when flown properly. Many pilots at the private level do not understand or apply correct rudder inputs. “Rudder deficit” is a primary reason for LOC-I. Search out a qualified instructor and take your … Continue reading “Commercial Flight Maneuvers for Everyone!”

Master “Full-Control” Landings!

54% of fatal aviation accidents occur where we spend only 4% of our time; “Johnny can’t land!” Landing well requires proficiency in every separate skill practiced and learned during the pre-solo phase of flight training. These famous “15 items” listed in CFR 61.87 (slow flight, ground reference, etc) are seldom practiced to proficiency during the … Continue reading “Master “Full-Control” Landings!”

Surviving Startle; More Training!

In everyday flying, most pilots value a  predictable, controlled flight (we are not talking about thrill-seeking “flying cowboy” stuff here). When you put the chocks on the wheels and there have been no “surprises” we usually succeeded in our mission. One flight last fall was notably different though, involving a wake turbulence encounter at 16K … Continue reading “Surviving Startle; More Training!”

*Practical* Aerodynamics; Facts Every Pilot Must Know

Pilots don’t need aerodynamics at the level of Greek Letters and many decimal places to be safe in flight. But understanding the basic physics of flight is essential. F-16 pilot and good friend AF General Mike Hall calls this “fighter pilot math;” a practical working knowledge ready for immediate use. Remember, gravity works tirelessly, day … Continue reading “*Practical* Aerodynamics; Facts Every Pilot Must Know”

Extend Your Skills! 60/90 Turns, Triple A Stalls

This blog presents some challenging flight maneuvers that build greater pilot proficiency, confidence and flight safety. It is essential to break out of our daily “comfort zone” or we will react incorrectly  – with the well documented “startle response” – when forced into an unusual attitude by surprise circumstances. Accident statistics reveal that unprepared pilots … Continue reading “Extend Your Skills! 60/90 Turns, Triple A Stalls”

CFI/DPEs Need Proficiency Too!

Most CFIs log thousands of hours as PIC but unfortunately often do not personally fly enough to stay sharp. DPEs are even worse about flying on their own and maintaining their personal proficiency – and by regulation, a DPE does not log their flight time during tests as PIC. The FAA recently discovered that some … Continue reading “CFI/DPEs Need Proficiency Too!”

Airlines -vs- GA: Safety Solutions!

Comparing the safety record of “big iron operations” with general aviation is a very common but also inherently unfair contest. The airline “safety sales pitch” goes something like: “airlines have a near-zero accident rate due to some superior skill, secret sauce or magic techniques (buy it here…)” But in fact, the General Aviation piloting job, … Continue reading “Airlines -vs- GA: Safety Solutions!”

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