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First and most obviously, if operating at a towered airport, let ATC know of any drones you spot in the airspace. “Even if it’s not a towered airport but perhaps a busy field served by an approach control, let approach know so they can warn other pilots,” he said.

Second, take the initiative to acquaint your local constabulatory with the FAA’s 5-minute “just the facts” Safer Skies video, which shows law enforcement officers what they can and should do when investigating complaints about drones.The video’s URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCBytrdoW-A.
Last, for your drone-flying friends, suggest they install the FAA’s free new app, called B4UFLY, which can warn hobbyists in near-real-time if they’re in or near a no-drone zone. The app is available for both Android and iOS,

Read more… Mentors

The Mentoring Program is available to current educators or educators-in-training in flight, ground, youth, college, maintenance, or other aviation areas. Even experienced educators may occasionally want or need insights when teaching in new aircraft, or with new technologies and techniques.To volunteer to be a Mentor, two references are needed to verify that volunteer Mentors possess sufficient expertise in aviation or aviation education to warrant the respect of their aviation peers, although meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance as a Mentor. Decisions of SAFE’s Aviation Educator Mentoring Program are based on a review of the potential Mentor’s application, recommendations and references.

Read more…Runway Incursion

SAFE helped Pegasas collect data from pilots in an unusually broadbased way, including an online national questionaire, personal interviews with incursion-involved pilots, review and analysis of training materials, possible airport changes, FAA and NTSB accident reports, ASRS reports and airline procedure. SAFE helped collect data in person at recent AirVenture and Sun ‘n Fun shows, as well as helping develop the online questionaire.

“If it was easy, the problem would be solved,” said Dr. Donna F Wilt, professor in the aviation department at Florida Institute of Technology, SAFE member and point of contact for the report. “If I was simplifying, it would include 1) make information needed to avoid conflicts readily available and easy to comprehend (example painted taxiway signs and messages on EFB such as ForeFlight), and 2) elevate the importance of each pilot doing his piece for the safety, not just for himself but for others, such as making radio calls taxiing at a non-towered airport.”

Read More….No More LOC

Initial NTSB plans call for Part 135 companies to implement Safety Management Systems that include flight data monitoring. Additional crew training on technologies to avoid Controlled Flight Into Terrain mishaps (CFIT) was also recommended.

Other aviation-related NTSB recommendations for 2019-2020 include reducing fatigue-related accidents, strengthening occupant protection, eliminating distractions, and ending alcohol and drug impairment. With respect to drug impairment, the NTSB is calling for the FAA to require pilots to report their status as an active pilot and provide their flight hours. That proposed requirement would apply only to pilots operating under BasicMed as well as sport, glider, and balloon pilots.

Read More…AvMkt.com

Avmkt.com buyers can continue to post projects for suppliers to bid on but now can also create a profile of the services that they need, for specific aircraft, so they will be automatically notified whenever a supplier posts an offer. Aviation suppliers can also post available capacity and directly reach operators of a specific aircraft type or category. This functionality is beneficial when a supplier has last-minute availability due to cancellations or other unforeseen circumstances.

“We offer an innovative procurement solution for individuals or companies that may not have the benefit of a formal purchasing or procurement function and unlike managed purchasing solutions, we don’t force buyers to deal with only selected suppliers,” explained Weinberg. “On the flip side, we offer suppliers of all sizes an extremely cost effective way to access new customers and to market excess capacity via a new channel to qualified buyers.”
It is free to sign up for an Avmkt.com account and there are a variety of free and paid membership plans available depending on the service level desired. New buyers that sign up prior to the end of July will receive a free upgrade to the Avmkt Buyer Plus level. Additionally, it is free for contract or freelance pilots to list themselves for hire on the platform.

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