CFIs Are Not All Equal: CFI-PRO®!

Previously published in the FAA Pilot Examiner Quarterly (shared by permission) Here is a unfortunate story of a “Rusty CFI” (not current teaching though probably very current in his biz jet). DPEs see cases like this too often- where the well-meaning CFI was not up to speed. New CFIs need mentoring, non-current CFIs need refreshing … Continue reading “CFIs Are Not All Equal: CFI-PRO®!”

How to Apply in IACRA for a Student Pilot Certificate

Since the new FAA rule, as of April 1st, 2016 all new pilots now have to apply for their student pilot certificates through IACRA or on a paper 8710-1 (not encouraged). It helps to repeat after me “IACRA is my friend” because a positive attitude helps immensely when navigating this website for the first time. … Continue reading “How to Apply in IACRA for a Student Pilot Certificate”

Plastic Student Pilot Certificates Start April 1st

The final FAA rule for the proposed new student pilot certificates was issued in the Federal Register today. Fortunately the idea of photos and biometric IDs was dropped, but student pilots will no longer get their certificates from their AME. Instead they will apply in person at their FSDO (unlikely), through a DPE, with a … Continue reading “Plastic Student Pilot Certificates Start April 1st”

The New AC-61.65 is Available! CFI Power of the Pen!

Our essential guidance as aviation educators, the FAA Advisory Circular 61.65, has finally been updated. This essential document contains all the official FAA guidance on certification standards, knowledge test procedures and “everything in flight training.” Additionally, it conveniently provides the “script” for accurate endorsements. With a stroke of your CFI pen (and the correct solo … Continue reading “The New AC-61.65 is Available! CFI Power of the Pen!”

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

The FAA has finally created new sUAS (aka “drone”) regulations and the result is greater freedom and access for aspiring unmanned aviators. The peril will be more activity in the airspace and undetectable traffic threats for larger aircraft. For this to work we all have to “play nice” in the airspace and follow the rules carefully. … Continue reading “Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)”

Pilot & CFI: Different and Distinct Skill Sets!

If you are an FAA CFI, you carry two pieces of plastic in your pocket. One certificate allows you to pilot airplanes. The other certificate says you are an approved aviation educator (thank you!) Unfortunately, many CFIs do not appreciate that the demands and skills required for each of these different certificates are unique and … Continue reading “Pilot & CFI: Different and Distinct Skill Sets!”

Ideas for Improvement from Redbird Migration!

There were many great presentations and breakouts at Redbird Migration that will take weeks to digest and present here! The significant AOPA presence almost eclipsed the whole Redbird contribution, especially the new AOPA Flight Training Advantage App now in Beta test (more on this soon). For all pilots, Joe Brown masterfully modeled a pathway to … Continue reading “Ideas for Improvement from Redbird Migration!”

November 2019 e-News “Read More”

Read More… SAFE CFI-PRO™ Handouts at the Frederick SAFE CFI-PRO™ included SAFE’s “Extended Envelope Training,” designed to rebuild basic skills and move pilots out of their comfort zones. Multiple DPEs told CFIs attending depressing tales of unprepared applicants, and each provided CFIs ways to improve student readiness. Presentations, and much of the break chatter, were … Continue reading “November 2019 e-News “Read More””

Caring is a Critical Aptitude for Educating!

When I present to groups of pilots and experienced aviation educators and ask for key traits of great aviation educators, the most often mentioned attributes are never taught or tested by the FAA. These are the qualities of caring and compassion, patience and clear communication; the skills of emotional intelligence. There are two very different … Continue reading “Caring is a Critical Aptitude for Educating!”

“Super Solo” and Lifetime Landing Focus!

Accidents during the landing phase of flight represent almost 50% of total airplane wreckage. The landing phase also involves less than 5% of total piloting time – we obviously have a problem here. This deficiency continues right up to jets with statistics showing 38% of these accidents are pilots with commercial and ATP certificates. This … Continue reading ““Super Solo” and Lifetime Landing Focus!”