“Broadband Speed” For Your Brain!

When you witness an amazingly skillful performance, whether it is an Olympic gymnast, a violin concerto or world-class aerobatic flying, the real process at work is the human brain functioning at its peak. The secret to acquiring and sustaining this level of technical perfection is revealed in a fascinating book; The Talent Code. Author Daniel … Continue reading ““Broadband Speed” For Your Brain!”

Expand Your Aviation Comfort Zone

As pilots we spend almost all of our time in a very small corner of the available flight envelope (perhaps less than 5%!) It is amazing and illuminating to watch a well flown aerobatic routine and see what a talented pilot and capable aircraft can safely accomplish. These highly trained pilots thoroughly understand the aerodynamics … Continue reading “Expand Your Aviation Comfort Zone”

Addressing the “Loss of Control” Dilemma!

Loss of control in flight (LOC-I) is the “catch-all causal factor” for the NTSB, topping the list of fatal accident causes and the “Most Wanted List” for every year in recent memory. We are excited to have Patty Wagstaff and Rich Stowell for our live ScreenCast on November 16th unpacking this dilemma. NTSB Member Earl Weener … Continue reading “Addressing the “Loss of Control” Dilemma!”

October e-News: “Read More”

Members: Please “Step Up” to Support SAFE By David St. George, SAFE Chair Welcome to autumn and a challenging new season for flight. We are asking all dedicated SAFE members and supporters to “Step Up” and go “all in” as we transition to the fall season with increased membership levels, contributions and volunteering. We’ve had … Continue reading “October e-News: “Read More””

SAFE July News!

SAFE Member Dinner Thursday At AirVenture 2016 Registration for the SAFE Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner on Thursday evening, July 28 at 7 PM is now available. For SAFE members, the dinner cost is just $5 with one guest for an additional $5; (additional guests after “plus one” are $25 each). The event will be … Continue reading “SAFE July News!”