Inadvertent IMC: Level Wings, Climb!

Any pilot caught in “inadvertent IMC” usually got into this trouble somewhat intentionally, continuing into deteriorating weather with some hope of improvement or “getting through.” This continued flight, usually driven by “mission mentality,” often gets lower (and scarier) until continuing visual flight is impossible (CFIT is often associated with these accidents). But what happens next … Continue reading “Inadvertent IMC: Level Wings, Climb!”

SAFE July News!

SAFE Member Dinner Thursday At AirVenture 2016 Registration for the SAFE Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner on Thursday evening, July 28 at 7 PM is now available. For SAFE members, the dinner cost is just $5 with one guest for an additional $5; (additional guests after “plus one” are $25 each). The event will be … Continue reading “SAFE July News!”

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