“YouTube Roulette” – Verifying Your Information!

As a thought experiment, imagine you are at a food buffet with a wide variety of options freely available to you. The only problem is half are nourishing and good for you and the other half will make you sick and might even kill you. And the most attractive might be the most poisonous. Welcome … Continue reading ““YouTube Roulette” – Verifying Your Information!”

Misinformation is Human! (in Flying Too!)

Among all the great lessons of the last few weeks, one should be abundantly clear; we humans eagerly embrace and hold passionately to half-truths and misinformation, and we love to be “right.” And as a species, we tend toward self-surety and obstinate, over-confidence – the dreaded “know it all!” This is a genetic, evolutionary adaptation … Continue reading “Misinformation is Human! (in Flying Too!)”

September 2017 e-News “Read More”

Read more…(Privatization) Privatizing ATC has been compared to handing full control of the nation’s Interstate Highway System to a group such as, say, the American Truckers Association. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to envision what would happen to flight schools at busy airports if the airlines gain control of ATC,” said SAFE Board Chair … Continue reading “September 2017 e-News “Read More””

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