Motivate With “Incremental Mastery!”

Most new CFIs, with all good intentions, try to help too much. They consequently micromanage and monopolize the flight experience, eliminating most “learning opportunities” for their students. The greatest gift an educator can provide after presenting a lesson outline is allowing a safe place for their learner to independently make and correct their small errors; … Continue reading “Motivate With “Incremental Mastery!””

Five Steps for a New CFI; “Good to Great”

We have to be honest here, a brand-new CFI with perhaps 5 hours of real solo and maybe 250 hours total time (in only 2 or 3 aircraft) is not an impressive aviator or trusted educator. This is an opportunity for growth! These are the people who are teaching all our future pilots. Currently, 2/3rds … Continue reading “Five Steps for a New CFI; “Good to Great””

10 Great Tools for New CFIs!

Here are 10 essential ideas CFIs need to embrace to acquire the important skills and grow  *after* they pass their initial CFI FAA evaluation. These tips represent the real-life “on the job” reality we teach in SAFE CFI-PRO™ live seminars. In a recent blog I emphasized that the FAA CFI temporary is – like all … Continue reading “10 Great Tools for New CFIs!”

Reforming The (Ancient) “Laws of Learning!”

The “Fundamentals of Instruction” (FOI), are required to be learned and then tested by the FAA for initial CFI certification. This teaching doctrine is a formidable challenge for many pilots transitioning into their new role as “educators.” Success for every aspiring CFI requires shifting from the world of “flying and physics” to their new primary … Continue reading “Reforming The (Ancient) “Laws of Learning!””

Recurring Flight Training Fallacies!

Aside from new technology, flight training has not changed much since the days of Civilian Pilot Training in WWII; we operate with the same educational assumptions. Year after year, we teach flying with identical methods and get the same 80% dropout rate, alienating a huge potential pilot market. Ignoring 70 years of pedagogical experience and … Continue reading “Recurring Flight Training Fallacies!”

The Confidence Trap: Hubris!

We all need a full dose of confidence to fly sophisticated aircraft in challenging conditions. There is, however, a very fine, but critical line, between confidence and hubris. Risk management is all about saying “no” to a plan or situation where hope or overconfidence would keep us moving forward – caught in the “mission mentality.” … Continue reading “The Confidence Trap: Hubris!”

Ideas for Improvement from Redbird Migration!

There were many great presentations and breakouts at Redbird Migration that will take weeks to digest and present here! The significant AOPA presence almost eclipsed the whole Redbird contribution, especially the new AOPA Flight Training Advantage App now in Beta test (more on this soon). For all pilots, Joe Brown masterfully modeled a pathway to … Continue reading “Ideas for Improvement from Redbird Migration!”

CFI-PRO™ Conquer the “Driving” Habit!

Every subtle movement of a pilot (or missed action), if watched carefully without intervention, tells a huge story to an alert CFI (or DPE). The most revealing is probably the first take-off; game on! Going beyond all the (very important) checklists and line-up prep, watch the initial power application very carefully. Many new pilots, and … Continue reading “CFI-PRO™ Conquer the “Driving” Habit!”

Remote CFI – New Opportunities In Aviation

I know what you are thinking. “Will these remote CFI hours count toward my 1500 for the airlines? Not likely, but this new technology provides great opportunities for “remote learners.” The challenge will be balancing the acquisition of basic piloting skills with scenario-based judgment to create an effective learning experiences. And all this is a … Continue reading “Remote CFI – New Opportunities In Aviation”

Managing Student Fear For Effective Learning

As pilots, we all will eventually have to face the incapacitating effects of fear. This will either come during new flight experiences while training (student lock-up) or when facing a shocking and unexpected emergency while flying (e.g.  US Airways Flight 1549 or Neil Williams’ amazing inflight recovery). The startle response has received lots of recent … Continue reading “Managing Student Fear For Effective Learning”